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Because we like to lead, we climb higher, work harder,
and invest further in your experience with us.

Aspiring Group is a first class, trusted and progressive Plumbing Company, and is part of the Totara Group of Companies.
Aspiring Group has a reputation that is built on an ability to deliver safe, reliable and intelligent plumbing industry solutions.
Our experience has been globally derived, and is an asset to your plumbing projects.

Aspiring Group is proud to be the preferred installer of Fair Water Meters to the Australian and New Zealand markets.
This meter is the only one of its kind and will change the landscape of how we use and bill for water across our two great countries.

Meet Some Of Our People


Our people are representatives of Aspiring Group ensuring that our people have the qualities our clients expect.

Aspiring Group people are world class, highly specialised, friendly, and pride themselves on being well-presented and professional.
They are efficient and work with integrity.

We like the people we work with and so will you.


Shane Jopson

Shane is a Master Tradesman with over 25 years industry experience. Shane maintains strong and continuous working relationships,
as well as positive strategic direction, with consulting roles on both Australian and New Zealand projects.
Shane boasts a large professional network of colleagues, both here, and in New Zealand.


Lyndsay Ray

Lyndsay utilises capacities from previous careers as an Occupational Therapist- Clinician and Rehabilitation Service Development/Management,
and University Teaching roles to drive Aspiring Group to exceed the challenges set by a changing landscape.
Making Aspiring Group the Company that skilled people want to work for, and clients are excited to engage with.


Rohan Lloyd

Rohan enjoys working closely with award winning builders on new build, and renovation projects.
Rohan works to ensure that his team of tradesman deliver quality finished products.
Rohan optimizes AG resources to ensure efficient and timely completion of projects, and appreciates the time and care needed for the perfect finish!

office Manager
Office Manager

Coordinates the personnel and management programs for each of the
Company’s Divisions, ensuring high performance outcomes.
This makes Aspiring Group’s systems professional, and intelligent,
while supporting a healthy and happy workplace.

Maintenance Manager
Luke Adams
Maintenance Manager

Luke is a Maintenance Guru and a Master Tradesman having perfected his skills for over
25years on commercial and residential projects.
This has given Luke extensive and rare plumbing knowledge.
Luke enjoys being able to offer clients simple solutions,
to what would have otherwise been, an impossible problem.

Sales Manager
Dianne Ray
Client Services and Sales Manager

Dianne has years of client service experience, and provides a direct line of communication from our clients back to us.
This facilitates continual improvements and safeguards our high customer satisfaction rates, which is important to us.
So grab a cup of tea and sit down with Dianne so she can listen to what your service needs from us.

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AG continually supports student learning through organisations such as Australia Industry Trade College.
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